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The ever growing active/multi-sport touring market, has an abundance of adventures from soft touring to the most ambitious.  Whatever your passion, we excel at finding the best multi-sport adventure for you. Some interesting itineraries could include:

  • Multi-sport adventure in Costa Rica

  • Fly fishing and hiking on New Zealand's North Island

  • Horseback riding Dubai's sand dunes combined with Rock Climbing in Oman

  • Balinese Multi-sport adventure

  • Alaskan mult-sport backcountry adventure

  • Hike, bike, paddle, cruise, ride your way through New Zealand's South Island

  • Heli-biking, Heli-rafting and/or Heli-fishing at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, Alaska

  • Multi-sport adventure in historic Jordan

Let us help you find the right multi-sport adventure for you!

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