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Our partnership with the Virtuoso Wellness Community combined with access to some of the best hotel and tour suppliers and through our co-partnership with Echo Natural Beauty, a local natural beauty and wellness brand in Portland, OR,  we ensure our clients wishing for a relaxing, restorative, natural beauty, spa or yoga retreat or resort vacation are experiencing the best of the best.


We are looking to book a number of private, individually designed retreats over the next few years but we can also put a retreat together for your group or book individual retreat or spa resort vacations at leading resorts locations and tours with some of the best suppliers around the world some of which can be found here. - Wellness

Some ideas here:

  • Angkor Wellness & Luxury

  • Wellness Tour of Bali

  • Wellness of Myanmar 

  • Iceland Wellness & Advenure

  • Pluse knowledge of leading wellness resorts & hotels around the world including special promotions and rates

Let us help you find the best wellness retreat or tour for you!

Clifftop Yoga
Sunset Yoga
Meditation by the Sea
Shoulder stand in yoga class
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