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We specialize in both land and water based polar travel and work with the best suppliers offering the most amazing adventures in the polar regions. Inspiring trips could include:

  • Polar Bear Fly-in Safari in the Canadian Arctic

  • Arctic Exploration – A Voyage to Iceland, East Greenland, and Norway

  • Fire and Ice in the Arctic

  • SVALBARD - Arctic Winter, Fjords, Dog Sleds, Snowmobiles, Northern Lights

  • Epic Antarctica – Crossing The Circle Via Falklands and South Georgia

  • Antarctica: Fly/Cruise to the Land of Unspoiled Nature

  • Land of The Ice Bears – An in-Depth Exploration of Arctic Svalbard

  • Floe Edge Explorer

  • More Tours

Let us help you find the right polar adventure!

people traveling in a zodiac in beween i
Aurora borealis above snowy islands of L
polar bear sow and cub walk on ice floe
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