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Why Should You Use a Travel Advisor?

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

Giving you access to a wealth of experience, insider knowledge, special offers and so much more...

Which way do want to go?

In the age of the Internet and online shopping, you may be asking yourself: What do travel advisors give you over just booking a trip online? Most importantly, they…

Offer expert advice – A Travel Advisor is someone who can understand your unique requirements and translate your needs into a few knowledgeable and expertly selected options vs. the 79 million unqualified search results you will find on the Internet

Save you time – No more trawling the Internet for endless hours, the Travel Advisor does all your legwork.

Can be someone you can rely on if things go wrong – If you run into disruptions due to volcanic ash, civil unrest or simply a missed connection – a Travel Advisor is your direct help line to the quickest and most efficient way possible out of unforeseeable situations, getting you back on track or home safely.

Offer a one stop shop – A Travel Advisor can pull all the pieces of your travels together, both the ones you want and the ones you haven’t thought of. Flights, hotels, tours, guides, car rentals, transfers and special arrangements can all be included into one custom itinerary.

Save you money – More often than not a Travel Advisor has access to special pricing and offers that are not available online and can actually save you money or get you better services or amenities for the same price. Even though most travel advisors charge a fee for their work these days, you get a better value, through their connections and knowledge, than can be found online.

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you and let you know how much we enjoyed our trip to England this summer. Thank you for making it so special.” - H.I., Colorado

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