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Timberline Lodge, Mt Hood

A historic, little known rustic gem in Oregon.

Most of you will not know this little gem unless you are about my age and watched The Shining, which featured the outside of this beautiful lodge. Built during the Great Depression under Franklin Roosevelt to give jobs to the many unemployed craftsmen who you can see truly poured their skills and craft to this extraordinary building.

Timberline Lodge and I have a history, a past which defines my childhood winters and the start of a love of the mountains and skiing. I spent a week every year here as a child and my memories of those times roaming this rustic lodge, swimming in the heated outdoor pool amongst the snow, those big fireplaces and of course the resident St Bernard, have set a firm and almost unbeatable standard for every winter vacation I have to date. There was also the fantastic skiing but I won’t talk about getting fired from ski lessons and age 7, that I try not to remember!

After living in abroad for over 18 years, mostly in Europe, and experiencing some of Europe’s finest ski destinations, I found myself back in the Pacific NW with 6 and 7 year old boys, the same age I started going to Timberline. With great enthusiasm but also with some hesitation, I planned a vacation hoping that the lodge still held that something special or would have the same effect on my children as it did me. Well I was not disappointed, we are just back from our 3rd season there and my boys have come to treasure it and look forward to it every year as I did and made me want to share it with you:

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